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Car Global is a newly opened automotive online market platform, We offer Subscription Listing Packages for Dealers and Private owners, Here you can post your Car listing Globally. The owners of Subscription Packages will have access to the admin Panel of Car Global , Were they could Select the Type of Listing they wish to List on Car Global . We have a Total of (8) Amazing Packages ,This Packages are designed to connect auto buyers ,sellers, dealers, and private owners,In Addition, Buyer an Private Owners could flip through the selection of uploaded car listings and images, an compare Car features followed by prices and other car specifications, and bring you to a minute insight of listings from around the world. Whether you are a new Buyer or seller, We will keep you updated with our New Selection of New cars, Certified cars, and Used cars. Car Global offers two types of Subscription Packages, First Package is called: Seller Package, We have a total of (4) Seller Packages ,the Benefits of the Seller Packages is to post car Listings only, This Seller Packages are design for the used of Sellers or Private Owners for the Purpose of Generating Online Sales.,Second, Car Global also Offer Dealer Packages, we have a Total of (4) Dealer Packages , Dealer Packages were created for the purpose to increase Dealer Sales, The Dealer Packages include: Car Listings, Product Listing, Coupon Listing, Special Offers Listing, Event listings, Video Listings, and Blog Listings.The Blog Listings Service is the Entertaining Part of the Site of Car Global ,All the Services for the Dealer Packages that are mention could be Listed on the Blog Page, The Blog Page Marketing tools are Design to Promote Car Dealers, Car Listings,Car Parts, Dealership Services,In Addition,Car Global has a Unique Service Page called: Concierge Page, The Concierge Services are Experts that are ready to accept Dealer Appointments, moreover, For the purpose of Driving potential customers to the Dealer, Car Global Primary Focus is to Offer exception Service to the Auto industry, For the purpose of Facilitating the sale of Products and Services in the Global Market ,Moreover, through our unique Service Packages . Car Global is Business, Entertainment, Information. Joint us Today. Welcome to Car Global ,The future is Here.


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